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For the most special day of your life and why music is the most important we have prepared a series of fans to choose your event.

Civil ceremonies or religious music you put your special moments, tickets grooms, rings, lectures, excursions ceremony and everything we do is very special.

We assemble the microphone sound and everything you need for any space anywhere celebrate

In a garden, church, a private estate on the beach, you choose the site.

We also have a soprano for the most authentic moment.

Or a duet guitar and vocals


Enlivened the reception with music and Soul Bossa Nova Jazz Lounge, during the aperitif or selection of your choice with a sound every time. Always with the characteristics of the environment and the couple will receive an entry that you have chosen so that the time is more powerful.

We also have a jazz trio, vocal soul etc …


At the banquet is usually where we assemble all the sound and light which is held throughout the event. We preselection boyfriends with you, that song will sound the celebration. Login banquet, cake, bridal dance and delivery details. You can always add what you want.

The assembly is adapted to make each space, a hotel or a house, a beach or something.

Since we always keep the line to which fits well with the space where it is held.

The sound equipment we use are the latest generation where a calculation before for people to come to the conclusion that the sound is perfect.

Lighting LED light which create different spaces, different light effects, projection screen and a number of extras available at the website.

The festival, important time of the wedding, we work for the public of your wedding.

From the largest to the smallest not be indifferent to our music selection.

Music from the 60 70 80 90 current passing through all the styles that will make your party unforgettable also the appointment with the bride and groom can also put your list so that your favorite songs also sound this day.


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    Rental of sound…

    Rental of sound equipment

    Marc Dunjó mobile discos offer the possibility of renting the equipment you need.
    Sound equipment of last generation:
    hk audio lucas up to 1200 w.
    JBL EON 650 W. autoamplificades
    LTO boxes 15' 450 W.
    DAS Audio 350 W.
    Piooner DJ booths, Technics CDJ,
    Tables sound Ecler, Piooner, Phonic study 32 or 16 channels
    Technicsz vinl dishes.
    Shure Microphone Dap,
    Moving heads, scanners, effects, LED, lasers, Par normal LED par 64.
    Smoke machines.
    Confety machines.
    Decoration LED column, Podiums, DJ booths.
    Video screens.
    Plasma televisions.
    Video projectors.




    If you want to make your holiday a different day trial karaoke md.

    With a repertoire updated every year with the best songs.

    Sing and passed it really well with our karaoke also put you light and sound.
    We adapt to your home, in a hotel restaurant, or if you want the giant karaoke can also do it.


    Private parties

    Private parties

    Many times you do not know what to do because your party is different gifts to md
    We have prepared a private party pack. A home in a restaurant, hotel beach outdoors.

    We adapt to place it with the sound equipment, lights and Thurs.

    You can choose your party music 80 s.

    Party music today.

    Feast remember 90.

    Party pachanga varied.

    We have a DJ for every occasion.

    We also do parties in local pubs or nightclubs.

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    Major Festivals

    Major Festivals

    We also do small and large festivals we adapt to any space you put computers with or without the DJ you want. We sound for a small group from an orchestra,

    We also make the party with DJs, which is an advantage today, as we all music sounded best to make people dance and party the largest and smallest music or traditional music today.

    Also the neighborhood festivals are about md mobile disco, neighborhood associations, foam parties.

    We have the equipment needed for each event


    Birthday Parties

    Birthday Parties

    Why a birthday is a very important day, we have prepared several options you choose.

    Birthday party, kids party, party 50 years

    Liven up lunch or dinner with music and ambient music to put your party.

    We also put the projector screen and if you want to spend a video image.

    Your party custom sound light Jue.

    Also in private homes, hotels, houses, etc.

  • All types of events



Marc Dunjó known dj Girona for their homes inside and outside the country began only 12 years to put music festivals. Where it immediately became the world’s largest nightclubs and events

In 1992 started the disco tent because of Calella de Palafrugell lighting and bringing the whole issue very soon became a DJ this legendary nightclub, after many came as:

Xara Palafrugell Carolds Platja d’Aro, Calella Palafrugell Arena, Pacha Platja d’Aro, Comics Platja d’Aro, Xxx Calella Palafrugell Up6 imarte scale, Joy Platja d’Aro Aro Malibu Beach, 900 Beach Aro, Megatron mataro, Barcelona Barcalles, Chasis, Octupussy, Liquid sky Figueres, Metro angles Oh Girona, Girona Boomerang, MariusPlatja Aro, Terra white Calella Palafrugell bluff Manresa Pon air Terrace, St. Celoni Airlift

Gigs and performances, Danger party menargens Lleida, Lleida’s door, DJs Woman palace fairs Girona, Dibelia flash Palace Valley Ebron bcn Girona Fairs Cup 40 main Pyramid Cavan Castellón Festas seven Pillar Zaragoza, Teruel disco mr, 742 Lleida, La Mirona hop festival DJs, The New England monkey, Hangar 13 new caslte England, Atlantis Marine Perpignan France, Stromboli vierson paris, Radical Madrid, Alfer rushes.

And an endless series of gigs a musical career with an extensive experience, Discography framework Dunjó wants Xxx 1, Vol 1 Mars, Arnica, Mars Vol 2, The dimensions and dj dj Sow sek code 13 Searchin Destinity dj dj Beny I sek Championship djs spain 1994

Marc Dunjó

Tel. 606208488

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